The United States Respiratory Distress Syndrome Central Command (US ReDS CentCom) was created to combat the emerging effects of the biological, social and economic issues associated with the spread of ReDS. US ReDS CentCom is located at Lackland AFB, San Antonio, TX.


Wilford Hall Medical Center


CentCom was posted as a solicitation by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). Various private companies and agencies were quickly brought under the aegis of this request, and were quickly approved by DARPA.

“ReDS CentCom is a new approach to tackling a pandemic. We are bringing together the experience of the US government's top research facilities and the rapid deployment that private companies and the military are able to provide. It's a new kind of a war." - ReDS CentCom R&D Lead

Several US Government agencies have been lashed together to assist in the efforts. Researchers from the Centers for Disease Control,USAMRIID and the US Army's Dugway Proving Ground are among the many involved in ReDS CentCom.


There has been a fair amount of controversy regarding the formation of the Command. Several civil rights groups have filed suit in Federal and Civil court citing violations of civil liberty, health and welfare. Foreign countries have begun lodging complaints with the US Government due to the secretive nature of the Command. The ACLU has been particularly vociferous in it's response stating:

"The fact that we have government agencies, the military and private companies colluding together under one central command is eerily similar to NAZI facism." - John Yu Lee ACLU Chief Counsel

"We have been observing and have had reports of people being detained, tested and essentially 'disappeared' by this group. And all of this is being supervised and approved of by none other than the President of the United States and the United States Congress." - Human Rights Watch


Utilizing concepts and research developed earlier in the decade, ReDS CentCom has purchased hardware, software, grid and cloud time that provide access not only to the extensive research done on ReDS, but the larger data store provided by WorldRun and GEAS.


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Internet Threat Intercept 10/05/2019Edit

Traffic intercepted via backdoor thread on WorldRun. Referred to CentCom Security.

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Traffic intercepted via backdoor thread on WorldRun. Referred to CentCom Security.

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