Consider for a moment that what we call "human nature" is a collection of beliefs handed down over generations. We've held them so long that we don't even recognize them as beliefs. They're not even "true." They're invisible.

My favorite story along these lines: A woman buys a whole ham for her family, takes it home, cuts off the ends, puts it in a pan and cooks it. Her daughter, watching, asks why she cuts the ends off before she cooks it.

"I don't know," the woman says. "My mother always did that, so I just thought it's what you do." Curious, and a little embarrassed that she'd never questioned this, she calls her mother, who says that she learned it by watching HER mother.

Grandmother was still alive, and they immediately called her. They explained that for two generations they'd been cutting the ends off the ham, and they just didn't know why.

Grandmother started to laugh. "Oh, my sweets," she said. "I just never had a pan big enough for the whole ham."

How much of what we do, what we think, how we act is controlled by such misunderstandings?


Almost all of the Superstructs in this game are external fixes. They're changing something in the environment. They're all DOINGS. The point of transformation is an exploration in BEING, in the hidden stories and beliefs that shape us. Transformational Training is a different approach. It's training ourselves first, and then going out and offering training to others, to see the invisible beliefs that hold us back, and to create new beliefs that support and empower us.

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