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The ten percent solutionEdit

Find a way to give ten percent of your time towards changing conditions for the world most vulnerable children. Literacy projects, Global Swadeshi, orphanage adoption, direct funding, coding for open education, children rights advocacy...whatever your special skill or interest is there is something you can do to help these children.


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the children who have nothing need youEdit

By aiding the condition of the weakest members of our society and our system we are safeguarding the conditions of our own existence. Ten percent is not even very much time to give, and I urge you if possible to give more. We need the brilliance of these children at the table figuring out the solutions to these very dire global issues. We need to have enough care established for them that it is meaningful to reach out to them and teach sustainability. If we can apply our talents towards the protection and care of children trapped in the brothel system, children in orphanages, children without orphanage care on the streets of our cities, children in slavery and children trapped in grinding poverty without enough nutrition stimulation clean water or education we can find answers.