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ReDSNet Distributed Computing Network: - A project to use the power of the Internet and distributed computing to try to find a cure for Respiratory Distress Syndrome

ReDS Watch: - a watchdog site that tracks ReDS outbreaks, relief and rumors.

The Gupta Option: - overview of how these advanced humanitarian technologies fit into the superstruct scenario. Particularly relevant to food, to exile, and to global security issues. - one take on how the network will interact with the poor and volatile areas of the developing world, and what we can do about it. - resources from 2008 for use in 2019

Also: - farmed algae - and this works in seawater - to produce all of the USs transportation fuel needs in a 50 mile x 50 mile area. One interesting fact about these systems: they work, and they can be adjusted to produce *food* as a byproduct. This is probably the core technology to write into the energy scenario on the bio side. Land based biofuels just don't have the possibility of meeting the global demand - this stuff grows like 10 times faster than the fastest land-based fuel crop. Note that it's not suitable for open-ocean aquaculture, only shallow ponds, presumably in flat desert areas.

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