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Filter MasksEdit

  • The result of several years research between the United States Government and 3M.
  • CDC Grade Technology
  • Filters 99.97% of airborne pathogens.
  • Patented HEPA™ Tri-Layer filtration.
  • United States ReDS Central Command Certified
  • Available Now!

Samsung Safe Air™Edit

Safe Air is a modern modification of "tight housing" design along with positive pressure ventilation systems. The design of Safe Air incorporates many of the concepts behind Level 2+ labs. In a lab dealing with infectious agents the air is pulled from the outside filtered and exchanged with the air from inside. The air is then passed with through several HEPA filtration units and passed out. Effectively scrubbing the air. However, these labs are negatively pressurized so in the event of a breach, air is sucked in versus out.

Safe Air is positively pressurized meaning that air is pushed out rather than in. It meets many of the stringent requirements that Level 2+ facilities have. It's job is to create pressure, pushing air away from the house. Further, the decontamination procedures are relatively straightforward involving ultraviolet light, forced air exchange in the entry along with filters.

All of this offers the best protection a household can have outside of a home designed under Level 2+ conditions. Most homes built from 2006 onward have increasing levels of tight design built into them, it was part of an energy initiative later combined into LEED certification programs in late 2010.