• 1 Small is beautiful;
  • 2. Work creates work;
  • 3. Everything gardens;
  • 4. Everything is a resource;
  • 5. Do only what is necessary;
  • 6. When in doubt, do nothing;
  • 7. Everything works both ways;
  • 8. Pollution is an unused resource;
  • 9. Work with nature, not against it;
  • 10. The problem is often the solution;
  • 11. Observe carefully before doing anything;
  • 12. Keep focus on the priorities;
  • 13. Make the least change for the greatest effect;
  • 14. Increase edges; it will increase interaction and energy;
  • 15. Everything gives to the surrounding environment;
  • 16. Everything receives from the surrounding environment;
  • 17. The whole is worth much more than the sum of its parts;
  • 18. Every element in nature performs many functions;
  • 19. The yields of a naturally balanced system are unlimited;
  • 20. Observe and make links between elements;
  • 21. Think long term effects; 22. Harvest city ressources;
  • 23. Get an idea of where you are constantly;
  • 24. Don't blame is for what it cannot do;
  • 25. See it for what it is useful for;
  • 26. Don't try to exclude natural ecosystems;
  • 27. Find at least three good reasons to do anything;
  • 28. What opportunities can you create or take advantage from?
  • 29. What could you not do? Sometimes it works better without us;
  • 30. Dirtyness is an illusion! Nature reuses everything;
  • 31. Encourage diversity; the more you enforce an idea, the more you miss something;
  • 32. Permaculture is a slow process, so don't hurry up!
  • 33. Think locally and seasonally;
  • 34. Can you maintain or fix it yourself?

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