A number of Citizen Protection Enclaves were set up in the UK by His Majesty's Government following the Great Riots of 2013. Citizens regarded by the CPE Authorisation Panel (a Non-Departmental Public Body attached to the Dept for Communities and Local Government) as "sufficiently important to the contuing function of the United Kingdom", or, commonly, those who donated sufficient funds to HM Government or who had the right contacts, were allocated places at the first five CPEs: Edinburgh, Manchester, York, Cardiff, and Essex.

Each CPE is run by a Senior Civil Servant, with support from a senior military officer leading the CPE's paramilitary police force, comprised of both police officers and military forces. The CPEs are in principle self-sufficient: each holds a number of farms, it's own water supply, significant power generation facilities. In practice, as the majority of residents are wealthy, important, or both, the CPEs are significant importers of luxury goods from the rest of the UK, and are heavily connected to the British Broadband Corporation.