Biofuel Research Cell (Biofrec)Edit

General info about this SuperstructureEdit

Biofrec aims to analyze the influence that biofuel has exerced upon the economy, automobilistic industry,food industry, and ecology in both global and local scales.
It's related mainly to the Power Struggle and to the Ravenous Superthreats.

Topics (to-do)Edit

  • Top priority: track data regarding to crops.
    • Where are the crops located?

  • Research biofueled cars and their impact on the atmosphere.
  • Point out on a map the areas where countries are growing plants to produce biofuel.
    • Which plants are being used to produce biofuel?
    • Which plants are grown in each area?
    • How these crops have influenced the local micro-economy and the populational flow?
    • How these crops have changed the country's economy, and food-chain?
    • Which crops are bio-engineered and which aren't?
      • Which countries adopt bio-engineered
      • Bio-engineered crops have different both macro and micro-influences than non-engineered crops?
      • Mixed crops have different both macro and micro-influences than homogeneous crops?
  • Which nations dominate the biofuel production market?
    • Which nations are the biggest consumers of biofuel?
      • Cross-referenciate consumer and producer nations.
    • In which way producer and consumer nations benefited from biofuel?
      • In which way the population from each class of biofuel-nation has been influenced by biofuel industry and marketing?
    • What kinds of jobs are being created because of the biofuel?


Crop LocationsEdit

We need to track which areas are being used to produce biofuel, and study the impacts.
map is public, and anyone can edit it.

Official Brazilian Program of Biodiesel Production and Use (PNPB)Edit


  1. Biodiesel in Brazil
  2. The Tax Model of Biodiesel
  3. The Social Fuel Stamp
  4. Mandatory mix, growing market
  5. Lines of Credit
  6. Technological Development
  7. Other support instruments
  8. The Principle of Non-Discrimination with Quality Guarantee
  9. What is necessary to produce biodiesel?
  10. Legal and Normative Documents