An open letter to Greenblip:

by infrarad

First, congratulations on your Open Authorship badges! That is awesome, and well-deserved!

I think that Greenblip can become the foremost portal site for Superstruct. The wiki, the open-publishing, the shoutcasting... it's all there. So I would like to propose a few ideas, and you can use your understanding of how to use Open Authorship to get the masses working on 'em!

Superpower DirectoryEdit

(joint operation between Greenblip, Super-infra-struct, and other meta-structures)

I noticed there is a link in the sidebar to "Superstructing". I want to create links to the best resources, people, and structs for improving SEHI ability to superstruct. Examples: The Cooperation Radar page would include the Facilitators and the Classifieds. The Influency page will feature our favorite artists, storytellers, and reporters. I'm not sure if this is best done through wiki page with a Greenblip link, or if there is fancy stuff that should happen on Greenblip itself, but you'll know the answer to that.

Also, please check out the Complaints Department page on the wiki--I'm hoping to find new problems to solve and take the weight off of GEAS. They have enough problems with bioterrorists and griefers as it is!

Greenblip News NetworkEdit

(new struct, with Greenblip as the host, working in collaboration with OpenID, CheapID, VRS, and Rumor Control Centers)

The open-publishing philosophy is an important one. I propose extending it to make Greenblip the primary off-GEAS repository for updates on the world situation. To do this, we need to provide privacy (for people who cannot speak freely), while at the same time providing some sort of verification of the anonymous reports. On the technical side, there is OpenID and CheapID, and any security experts interested. On the reportage side, structs like VRS and Rumor Control Centers can sort out the fact from fiction.

Next ActionsEdit

  • Since this is my first stab at the ideas above, the structs listed above (other than Greenblip) have not yet been directed to this page. I will do that in the next few hours, unless some prospective Facilitators beat me to the punch--please let me know via edit if these founders have been contacted!
  • All interested collaborators are invited to respond to this letter in the space below.


Let's do it! We should do some sort of brainstorm, to reach an agreement regarding the site's structure. After that done, we're good to go! Jorgeguberte 07:40, 13 October 2008 (UTC)