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Come up with some products to advertise.
Create some causes to fight for.

Work in ProgressEdit

Cloning + Genetic EngineeringEdit



Can't choose between your dog and your cat? Mix and Match the best features of each!

You provide for your cats, now let them provide for you. Introducing the AlpacaT - shedding wool you can use every day.


Augmented Reality Ad Services Provider


Want to settle your business into the Augmented Reality World?
We create your virtual space and tell you who to reach.
Package all-inclusive from 300 yuan/year.


ReDs Relief TeamsEdit

Campaign to help spreading awareness against ReDs, and to help increasing the number of teams giving aid to people affected by the ReDs.


We couldn't do anything against AIDS, but against ReDs we can.
Start a ReDs relief team in your community.

Gas mask donationEdit

Help someone else breathe, donate a gas mask.

Shelter a refugeeEdit

Campaign to encourage people to shelter homeless refugees in their homes. Also possibly set up hex shelters in the yard.

Share your seedsEdit

Campaign to encourage people to share their plant seeds.
Heirloom seed saving awareness.

Stay transparentEdit

This one is related to the Transparency Bombs. Should we encourage people to be transparent or to drop transparency bombs?


The banner is all black at first. Suddenly it gets bombed, the black dissolves and a political/financial/corporative picture is shown, and the slogan shows up.

Open Source Everything: Freedom is goodEdit

(Needs a better name) Related to open source stuff, and freedom in general.

sharing of resources for Open Source 3D models to be printed. laser cutting services and habitat design. sharing of cellulose and bio-oil producing algae colonies.

Join the chainEdit

(Needs a better name) A resistance chain. Against what? How is it structured? Bio-regional upriver downriver alliance of independent communities.

Uncle Hakim we heart you!Edit

We all love Hakim Bey!
Hakim Bey's writings


Current banner guidelines we are considering:

468x60 fullsize    120x120 button     120x240 banner   120x600 skyscraper


JorgeGuberte - Graphic Designer
David Flor - Software Developer, ReDSNet Project

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